iPhone Hype! You Believe It?

There is no doubt that the Manhattan real estate industry will be flooded with iPhones over the coming weeks (release date June 29) with most in my profession being suckers for new technology.  The Consumerist even provides some clever and not so terribly ethical ways to get out of existing cell phone contracts so that you can get your iPhone sooner.  Check out the iPhone rate plans via The Consumerist too.

Now as I sit here on my PC that has crashed on me a few times in just the last 24 hours, I must say that I have for some reason resisted everything Apple since playing games on my wife’s Mac that she used in college 15 years ago.  I understand Apple has come a long way since then.  By the way, I at least own an iPod.  That said, I’m being sucked right into the Apple trance and I’m seriously considering tossing the Blackberry into my bottom desk drawer with it’s previous 3 versions and trading in for the sexy iPhone.  I think a Mac may be next on the agenda for the Heddings family?  Perhaps I will do something I have never done in the past?  Yeah…that’s it!  I will wait until some of my friends, family and colleagues snatch up these phones and provide some serious feedback to support or deny all the hype.  I suspect I will own an iPhone in exactly 4 days.

UPDATE (6/28/07..T minus several hours and counting…)

I knew it was too good to be true.  Check out this email I just got from our IT department and I suspect that the entire brokerage industry, mostly PC-centric, will have the same problems.

With the pending release of the highly anticipated Apple iPhone just around the corner (Friday, June 29th 6:00pm) , I am contacting you today to provide you with some important information regarding the phone. Although the new iPhone is being coined as the “Must Have” device of 2007, and a “Game Changer” when it comes to cellular phones, there is some information you MUST know before buying this device. At the time of release, your iPhone WILL NOT work with your company email account. Due to the many differences between Apple and Microsoft, Apple has decided to not include a Corporate email client in the device. While the iPhone will work with MANY personal email accounts, such as Google Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL, and .Mac Mail, inherently it WILL NOT work with your company email. Please be aware that we are working on getting our hands on the device, as many of you are. Once we do, we will provide you with further information.

For more information about the Apple iPhone please visit: http://www.apple.com/iphone

Thank You.

Still not sure I’m gonna wait.  Likely I will just forward all of my biz emails to a new personal email account that i will receive on my sexy new iPhone. 

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