Is this the Home of the Future?

Berkeley student Derek Low has created a unique dorm room that has gotten the attention of school officials, and not in a good way.  The space-age setup includes instant mood modifications that can be made remotely by iPhone or iPad.  Low has created a voice-activated dorm room environment that responds to voice commands to adjust lighting, draw the curtains and even play romantic music (if the mood strikes him).  Low has spend around $500 to automate his dorm room, with his roommates consent, and has turned his idea into a sensation.  His YouTube video of his upgrades has cause an internet sensation, and has not gotten by Berkeley school officials.  He has recently been sent a letter asking him to appear before campus housing authorities.


The room known as the “Berkeley Room Automated Dorm” or BRAD also has an “emergency party plan” button that activates dance music, a strobe light, laser lighting and UV lighting for an instant dance party.  No, it won’t be getting a drink for your date.  At least not yet.  There is even a setting to help you make it to the 8 A.M. lecture that wakes the sleeping resident by drawing back the curtains and blasting the Justin Bieber tune, “Baby.” No word on how the roommates feel about this.


Low has since decided to move out of the dorm to less restrictive accommodations and take his set-up with him.  He says the system is quite portable, and will be easy to install anywhere.  To see this amazing automated room yourself we have the link to the YouTube video of the BRAD:

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