Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Forcing Change

As many of you know I have been a long time supporter of City Harvest and their many programs that help to feed the hungry here in the Greater New York area.  Their Skip Lunch Fight Hunger program helps feed hundreds of thousands of children each year.

Well having enough food to eat is a major issue for so many but another major problem in its own right is what those who do have enough food are choosing to eat.  Celebrity Chef and incredible personality Jamie Oliver  (sign the petition here) has recently launched a Food revolution to help bring healthy choices to our children’s classrooms around the country.  Here is his latest news update:

Jamie is not the only one who has joined this very important crusade.  Local Chef Bill Telepan is spearheading a similar effort in 5 NYC schools where all of the food is prepared fresh by volunteers.  Other Chefs across the country are following their lead and hopefully this will really serve to change the way our children and we as parents view diet and exercise.

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