Kid City

The Walk-Through has word of families with children fleeing cities.
Anecdotally, I have been noticing the opposite. In many New York neighborhoods, you can’t walk a block without seeing a stroller. That just wasn’t true 15 years ago.
Contrary to census numbers, my colleagues and I are seeing a mass return to Manhattan by families who “thought” they wanted to live in the ‘burbs. Many of the families (and many with three and four children) are selling their suburban homes and returning to Manhattan for a variety of reasons.
The reasons I hear most often are they miss the conveniences of the city, they want to reduce their commute, and most frequently… they are “bored.”
With many of the suburban areas surrounding Manhattan experiencing the same phenomenal appreciation in prices, many of my clients have also found that the ‘burbs are not as much of a bargain as they thought.
Of course, many families are making the exodus but there seems to be a trend toward larger families staying in the city. Some are even deciding to sell vacation homes so that they can afford larger homes in the city and the cost of private schools for their children. Once again, Manhattan seems to be a statistical anomaly.

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