Listen Up: I Don’t Want Your Referral Fee!

The Manhattan real estate market can be incredibly draining…such is life.  I’m exhausted after a day where nothing went the way I thought it should…so what!  Just mentioning it to shed some light on the fact that I’m posting to TG at 9PM and I also wanted to mention it to further explain the tone of this post:  AGGRAVATED (for the record, this stuff aggravates me on my best day).

I am so frustrated with the number of mortgage bankers/brokers, moving companies, interior designers, architects, and other real estate related "professionals" who solicit my business every single day.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not frustrated that they would make an effort to develop a business relationship with me.  That’s not it at all.  What enrages me is the number of these people who attempt to gain my referrals by lining my pockets.  It’s laughable…read this blog!

Here is yet another example of the type of solicitation that I receive daily (from someone who obviously didn’t read True Gotham):

Hi Mr. Heddings,

My name is Mr. Blah Blah with Blah Blah Mortgage and I am contacting you regarding your BLOG at We are an advertiser supported mortgage directory based in Blah Blah. This month I am helping bring awareness to help announce our 7-Year Anniversary of serving the mortgage and real estate community!

We are contacting companies like yourself in hopes of arranging some type of cross promotion with your BLOG or interest in our affiliate program. We can provide like value to each through the following options:

– link placement

– article content or trade

– sponsorship or advertisement

– additional leads

– paid review of our website

we pay you $32 per completed application from your visitors.

Let me know if you’d be interested in learning more. Each BLOG is unique so we can get as creative as you like.


Mr. Blah Blah
Blah Blah Mortgage

Now again, I don’t think there is anything wrong in theory or principal with what this guy is offering but if he would have done some additional investigating (just some plain ole reading) of True Gotham, he would hopefully get a greater sense of our integrity.  I don’t even know who the hell this guy or his company is and he wants to pay me to send him your (True Gotham readers) business.  I hope that most of you can see exactly why this pisses me off.  It just seems that so many are more concerned about where there next $32 is coming from (and many don’t really care as long is it comes) than any semblance of integrity or the level of service that they or those to whom they refer business provide.  By the way, many of my friends and colleagues ask me why I don’t accept advertisers on True Gotham.   It’s because I don’t want to promote the services of ANYONE who could jeopardize the integrity of this site.

Mr. Blah Blah and all of those out there who want the business of True Gotham or its readers: Please don’t ask me to put my reputation on the line by sending you business when I don’t  even know who you are.  I have plenty of solid, trusting relationships with all of the above-mentioned professions and NONE OF THEM PAY ME FOR MY REFERRALS.  Instead, I know that when I refer someone to them, they will be handled exactly as I would handle them…with honesty, integrity, loyalty and commitment.  That’s worth a hell of a lot more than $32 or any monetary sum that someone is willing to pay me to make a blind referral. 

And that’s about all I have to say about that.

Disclaimer:  I do refer business to real estate colleagues across the country whom I have spoken with on the phone or actually met in person.  And as I choose to act liaison/advocate for my buyer or seller whom I refer, I do accept referral fees.  

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