Maialino Restaurant NYC

2 Lexington Ave
(between 22nd St & N Gramercy Park)
New York, NY 10010
Neighborhoods: Gramercy, Flatiron

(212) 777-2410

About Maialino
Get ready to wait for this trendy New York City restaurant. The wait for a reservation is lengthy, but a call could snag you a spot for brunch. This Italian restaurant has fast become a favorite of locals and it’s packed pretty much any time of day. The food is fresh and well-prepared, but there’s no pretentious attitude at Maialino.
You’ll find a friendly staff who know their stuff and patrons who are there to eat – not to show off a fancy handbag or suit. Overall, this is a great place for a family outing or for a large group of friends. The menu is universal enough that it will appeal to many people, even kids.

What to Order

Start with an order of the unique breads at Maialino. The zuchinni and walnut bread is served with cream cheese and is a carb lover’s dream. The bread tastes hearty and if you had a big loaf, you could probably make a meal of it! There are also potato skins topped with pecorino flakes for a twist on a restaurant classic and tomato risotto croquettes, which are a winning appetizer form any group.
Pork is the name of the game here. You’ll find it served in various forms at Maialino and every variation is a treat. One of the favorites is the tripe (which is intestines), served with arugula and topped with a fried egg. The flavor combinations are fabulous and while organs may not be appetizing in theory, most restaurant goers are happy to have ordered the tripe, even if it’s their first rodeo. The seared octopus with celery root and parsley is as fresh as they come and any fan of octopus must try this light, flavorful dish. Maialino is also known for their pastas, so if you’re feeling less adventurous, you could definitely order something like the pecorino and black pepper pasta for a dish that’s flavorful and simple.
While there are many amazing items on the menu, don’t shy away from the classics at Maialino. Who doesn’t love a bolognese cooked to perfection? If you’re feeling the Italian classic, this is definitely the place to get your fix. The pastas are so famous that the restaurant has created a pasta tasting menu, where patrons can taste four different pastas instead of committing to one dish.

How Much?

Compared to other restaurants in the city, Maialino is major bang for your buck. The entrees are around $16-$25 each, so you aren’t spending an arm and a leg, but you aren’t getting out of here for cheap either. The great thing about Maialino is you aren’t trying outlandish food that may not be to your liking. With other restaurants, there are often too many complex dishes on the menu, which can be confusing for patrons who don’t dine out as a hobby. If you want delicious, attainable food, Maialino is the place to be.
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