Manhattan Art Feature: The Thannhauser Collection

The Thannhauser Collection is composed of many rare exhibitions collected by the Thannhauser family. Justin Thannhauser was the son of an avid art collector by the name of Heinrich Thannhauser who established the Moderne Galerie in 1909 located in Munich. This gave Thannhauser the experience necessary to develop an extravagant gallery at a young age. Thannhauser worked with his father to build an influential and dynamic art exhibition with contributions from French Impressionists and Post-Impressionists, talented extant German artists, as well as Italian Futurists.

The Moderne Galerie showcase prime artists such as Vasily Kandinsky Pablo Picasso. The Moderne Galerie featured the first supreme piece produced by Picasso and in turn Justin Thannhauser developed a lifelong friendship with Picasso. Thannhauser evolved into an aspiring entrepreneur and founded another gallery in Lucerne close to 1920. The Thannhauser Galleries were such a big hit that he decided to showcase his impressive exhibitions in Berlin which earned a permanent position in his Munich gallery.

The Galleries Thannhauser was obstructed by Nazi movement and rise in anti Semitism in Germany whose intentions were to get rid of contemporary art. The doors of the Thannhauser Galleries were closed in 1937 and the Thannhauser family moved to Paris to begin a new life. After moving to New York three years later, Justin Thannhauser was accredited as an independent art dealer.

The Thannhauser family’s promise of providing artistic progression was aligned with the commitment of Solomon Guggenheim which is essentially what provided us with the Thannhauser Collection we know of today. With no offspring to pass on the legacy of the family’s influential exhibitions, Thannhauser gifted a significant amount of the artwork he collected to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation. This extraordinary collection featured over 2 dozen pieces developed by Picasso and was a monumental contribution to the Soloman R. Guggenheim Museum. The Thannhauser family was a major contributor of priceless installations from many different cultures by loaning the Solomon R. Guggenheim museum 40 works.

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New York, NY  10128
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Mon – Wed, Fri, Sun: 10 am – 5:45 pm
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Children under 12: Free
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The works of German painter Justin K. Thannhauser reflect the influence of both the French Impressionists and the Italian Futurists.

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