Manhattan Cultural Events: VOCES Y VISIONES Gran Caribe

Voces Y Visiones Gran Caribe is composed of a large variety of works from the permanent collection of El Museo del Barrio’s. Some of the installations showcase artwork that divulges into the wide variance and intricacy of the Caribbean culture as a tribute to a future installation by the name of Caribbean: Crossroads of the World.

Before its with connection with Europe the Caribbean was already known for its history of visual expression expression. The continuous streams of individuals, inventions, concepts, and photography and greatly influenced the progression and customs in the Caribbean basin and nearby Diaspora.

Works from The Permanent Collection provide an anecdotal view of some of the consistent messages of the exhibition as a whole. Voces Y Visiones Gran Caribe provides informative and personal experiences about the journey of the Caribbean culture and the widespread love for their customs. This exhibition identifies the value of unity between the all of the islands along the coastlines.

The Voces Y Visiones Gran Caribe outlines four main pillars that identify:

  • The relationships of our day to day living and spirituality
  • The continuous use of abstraction as a medium of expression
  • The transition of individuals to and from inner-cities
  • The everlasting amount of water accessible

The Voces Y Visiones Gran Caribe in El Museuo del Barrio hosts a magnificent piece by Rossana Martinez which is a large-scale painting on custom handmade paper. Some of the alternative feature items were developed by gifted artists from Puerto Rican, Haitian, and Guatemalan artists. The Voces Y Visiones Gran Caribe evaluates the language, lifestyle, culture, and unique qualities of the surrounding areas. This event will give you a new perspective of how the Caribbean natives are identified.

Ongoing from December 20, 2011 – December 9, 2012

Monday – Closed
Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 6pm
Wednesday – 11am – 6pm
Sunday – 1pm – 5pm

El Museo del Barrio New York
1230 Fifth Avenue (between 104th and 105th Streets)
Manhattan, NY 10029
phone: 212-831-7272|


  • Adults: $9
  • Students and Seniors: $5
  • Members and children under 12: Free
  • Seniors: Free on Wednesdays
  • Admission to galleries is by suggested donation.
  • Free admission every third Saturday of each month.

The Voces Y Visiones Gran Caribe en El Museuo del Barrio presents an educating and emotional experience. It provides an intimate invitation into the Caribbean Culture.

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