Manhattan is Naturally Gassy

This morning shortly after my wife left the apartment to take my son to school, my 2 ½ year old daughter said, “it smells like fire in here daddy.”

It indeed smelled like gas throughout our entire apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. At 8:30 we left the apartment to take her to school and everyone was discussing the foul odor of natural gas that was permeating our apartments as well as the air outside. My wife called from midtown to say that her building was also filled with a gaseous odor. Much of the island of Manhattan from Battery Park to the Uptown wreaks of gas.

The most disconcerting element here is that NO ONE can tell us where this odor is coming from and even worse, what the odor is. Now everyone in the city is going about their business and acting as if there is nothing really to worry about (and that is likely and hopefully the case) but the fact remains that in this post 9/11 world that we live in, a gaseous odor permeating Manhattan and Jersey City is a bit troubling. Curbed has a post this AM with more than 50 comments from its readers and no one seems to be able to elucidate. Never a dull moment in NYC!

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