Manhattan Real Estate Market Snapshot

Current market conditions have prevented me from blogging as regularly as I like to as negotiations are taking considerably more effort than they have in the past and relationships with sellers are requiring more hand holding and regular in depth conversations regarding asking prices and marketing strategies.  Go figure, my job is preventing me from blogging.  That said, I’m working on some scheduling issues that should free up some time for me to start blogging daily again…I hope!

Going forward through the summer no one is quite sure where the Manhattan real estate market is headed.  With mortgage rates up 3/4 of a point in the past 4 weeks and some speculation that they may go higher, some buyers wait in the wings for further (yes I said "further" as prices in many areas are definitely off their peaks) price softening and others have already taken the leap to lock in a lower rate and lower monthly payment.  As buyers either take their time or play wait and see, sellers who are making lateral moves for a change in neighborhood or those who are upgrading to a larger apartment have become more flexible with asking prices as they realize that they will likely have more negotiating power on their purchases as well.

All in all it is a very active real estate market with buyers and sellers playing a lengthy and fair game of give and take in order to come to a meeting of the minds. 

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