Marketing New Condos…With a Sitcom?

On Friday, I blogged about all of the new condo development projects hitting the Manhattan market in the very near future.  With all of that new inventory hitting the market, we can expect new and exciting things from the real estate industry in marketing these projects.  We are going to have to step in up a notch to set one project apart from another.  How about creating a sitcom based on a building (via Joel Burslem of Future of Real Estate Marketing) and all of the happenings inside as a way to market its apartments?  That’s precisely what developer Cressey is doing in Vancouver with their latest project, Donovon, in Yaletown.

I think this is brilliant and I’m surprised Cressey did it before Shvo…seriously…this is right up Michael’s alley!!!  Anyway, think about following a sitcom based on a building in your hood and then having an opportunity to move in to the exact setting from the sitcom.  Manhattan developers need to start offering more than fancy coffee table books to prospective purchasers…give them entertainment! 

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