Mary Kay’s Pink Dallas Mansion for Sale at $3.3 Million

The former home of Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay cosmetics, is back on the market for $3.3 million. Kay founded her company in 1963—partly out of frustration when her then-boss passed Kay up for a promotion, and offered position to the man Mary Kay Ash trained on the job instead. In 1969, Kay began giving the well-known pink Cadillacs to her top sellers as rewards for great work.

Kay’s mansion was designed by Dallas Design Group in 1984, and also doubled as the Mary Kay Cosmetic headquarters until 2000. Even though Kay didn’t design the home herself, there are plenty of odes to her extremely successful cosmetic company, include a pink quartz toilet and bathtub, which makes the home customized.

The listing agent wouldn’t be surprised if the next owner is also a wealthy, savvy businesswoman, but won’t turn down an offer if a man desires to purchase the home. Even though the outside of the home is a pastel pink shade, the home’s interior possesses an upscale feel that is a contrast to Mary Kay’s signature color.

The mansion is located on an acre of land in Dallas’ Old Preston Hollow neighborhood, and has ceilings that are 40 feet high. The foyer is decorated with busts of famous music composers. Intricate moldings and paneling are featured throughout the entire house; the Mary Kay mansion also boasts beveled glass windows that showcase the breathtaking view of the terrace gardens. The property grounds were fashioned to look like the San Simeon estate, William Hearst’s beautiful California home.

The Mary Kay mansion’s current owner made some renovations to the mansion; she added new pain, brand new floors, a kitchen with updated appliances and a geothermal heating and cooling system.

During a time when women were expected to be homemakers, Mary Kay’s definitely stood out in a positive way.





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