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Another excerpt of Toni Schlesinger’s book. This from an interview with Director/Actress/Dancer/NYU Faculty Member/Private Acting Coach Sondra Lee, in her rent-controlled five bedroom Upper West Side penthouse with a wraparound terrace:

You’re so full of get-up-and-go. So many people can’t even pull themselves together to get in a cab to go to Bed Bath & Beyond to buy a soap dish.
You have to do things for yourself. Even before the building management changed the windows, I changed mine. When it was cold, there would be ice inside. This building is in total disrepair. I with they’d just let us paint the hallways ourselves. Rent control is kind of a joke. You may start out low but you pay for every improvement in the building.

You’ve created a perfect place.
There have been bad robberies. I was away doing a movie in 1982. I was told to come home immediately and bring a friend, a doctor, and a detective. It was a bombshell. My paintings were destroyed. These guys took bottles of wine, broke them. It took about a year to get it back into shape.

Even Neverland has its pirates.

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