Nantucket Home For Sale is Most Expensive in New England

A 69 acre estate on the island of Nantucket has recently become available in New England’s housing market and has been attracting a lot of attention. With the asking price for this hideaway at $59 million it qualifies as one of the most expensive properties in New England.

Nantucket Estate’s History

This enormous estate resides in the Swain’s Neck area of the island and has coined the name of the Swain’s Neck compound. The previous owner purchased this massive property in 1997 for a measly 7.15 million dollars and the value of the compound has continued to rise since then. The property value of this home has increased over 700% within the last 15 years is 1 of 20 most costly homes on the market nationwide. If this home is sold at the asking price it will break the record of the most expensive purchase on the island of Nantucket that is currently held at 27 million dollars and close 40 years for New England in general.

Nantucket’s Luxurious Background

This impressive property follows a real estate trend which has shown that Nantucket properties make up the bulk of the most expensive properties sold in Massachusetts. The exclusive location of this property plays a major part in it’s value. The property it located on a harbor and surrounded by water on 3 sides of the property. The Swain’s Neck compound offers it’s next owner plenty of privacy and the more acres of land than almost every other estate in Nantucket.  When it comes to privacy, all guests who want to enter the property must cross a private bridge and must identify themselves at a security gate.

What Swain’s Neck Compound has to Offer

The estate is made up of four different structures. There is a main home, a guest home, an office building and a boathouse. The main home has one master bedroom with its own fireplace and four bedroom suites. The home is decked out with a private balcony area, a high tech entertainment room and kitchen has double wall ovens and granite counters.


With 69 acres there is plenty of space outdoors for sports and water activities . The private beach, basketball courts, tennis courts and other amenities are perfect for family activities or having guests over.

This is a unique home with so much to offer and every amenity you can think of. So much land in such an ideal location is what really makes this property such a beauty. Many people associate Nantucket with spacious and luxurious properties such as these and the Swain’s Neck compound is one of the premier estates on the island.

Nantucket is a popular holiday area for some of the most prominent and influential individuals around the world. The Swain’s Neck property has been attracting the attention a lot of people and for some pretty good reasons. This huge 69 acre property is sure to make it’s next owner pretty proud and with the price tag of $59 million it’s well worth every penny.

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