Not Every Day Has Interesting Real Estate News

Jonathan Miller points out that the collapse of “Bubble Blogs” seems to be gaining momentum. All that negative chatter is only interesting for so long.
But on a Friday evening, after assessing numbers and markets all week–sometimes I wonder how long it will be before people are tied of all of us experts talking about the real estate market and its ebbs, flows, peaks, valleys, and whether or not you should buy, sell, hold on, or run for the hills.
Predicting the market gets a lot of air time. But it’s a tiresome pursuit. No one much knows what it’s going to do, and it’s laughable that we all pretend to. It comes down to this: is it a a buyer’s or a seller’s market? I think it’s leaning more towards the former.
But there isn’t anything in concrete about what’s going to happen tomorrow.
Nevertheless we make celebrities out of many of those who make a good show out of trying. see Avenue magazine
I will be back on Monday with some good solid info. for you. I’m feelin’ like I need to stir it up a bit. Stay tuned…

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