NYC Private School Standards and Expectations

Although this is under the "Fun" category of this blog, it is hardly any fun for most parents who are trying to get their kids into private schools in Manhattan.  Given all the buzz of late about schools and real estate value (via NYT’s) and the fact that my wife and I (along with our 5 year old daughter of course) have just completed our second go-round of this process, I thought it was appropriate to share this insightful video courtesy of NYC Private Schools Blog.  For all of you who have wondered what the big deal is about getting into kindergarten in Manhattan, check this out:

Charming isn’t it 🙂

BTW…3 blog posts today because I’m gone yet again all of next week for a retreat on which I will have limited to no access to computer, cell, or email.   Be back on the 20th and Happy Holidays to all!

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