NYC Restaurant Spotlight: Boulud Sud

20 W 64th St
(between W Central Park & Broadway)
Manhattan, NY 10023
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

(212) 595-1313


About Boulud Sud

The Upper West Side has its share of swanky restaurants for fine dining. There are many to choose from, but a lot of them have the same tricks. If you’re looking for something different and a breath of fresh air in fine dining, check out Boulud Sud. This fantastic restaurant is a Mediterranean hot spot known for its super fresh seafood and exotic flavors. If you’ve ever wanted to jump into an episode of Anthony Bourdain when he’s sailing the Mediterranean seas, Boulud Sud is definitely a place worth exploring. The flavors are exotic, but not spicy. Even the less venturous restaurant goer will find something on the menu to suit his or her palette. The restaurant is also connected to Bar Boulud, which can be found in the basement. If you have a hankering for some after dinner drinks, be sure to pay the bar a visit downstairs.

What to Order

It’s all about seafood at Boulud Sud. After all, we’re mimicking the amazing dishes found at restaurants along the Mediterranean coast! Sea scallops, urchin, crab tartines and grilled octopus are just a few of the favorites at this place. For sides, think brussel sprouts, arugula and spinach, which are all just as fresh as the sea food. There’s also quail for those who aren’t into seafood. The meal is big, but it’s a light meal.

You won’t find massive portions or heavy butters, creams or pasta. This is how the Mediterranean eat every meal, which is why they’re some of the most heart healthy people on the planet. The food focuses on flavor. There’s minimal use of hefty, filler food such as pasta, rice or bread. It’s primarily fresh seafood, poultry and….did we mention seafood? The olive oil used for the breads (which are given in small quantities) at Boulud Sud is a light, fruity olive oil. It’s from Spain and doesn’t pack the depth of an Italian olive oil, but it’s delicious nonetheless. Expect spices and lemon notes throughout each dish for optimal flavor. Boulud Sud focuses on grilling nearly every animal that comes through its doors, which makes for amazing dishes that are flavorful, yet light. There’s no after dinner sluggish feel when you’ve eaten at Boulud Sud.

How Much?

Boulud Sud is definitely for a celebration or special night out. Entrees are $35 and up. Before dinner time there’s a pre-theater prix fixe meal that costs $55 per person and includes three courses, including an appetizer and dessert. This is the more budget savvy route to go if you’re a tourist who’s already spending a bundle at other fabulous restaurants throughout Manhattan. The reservations add up quickly, so if you’re going to New York City or have plans to see a show at Lincoln Center, definitely call about a week in advance to snag a table. During the week, you may be able to walk in and get a seat quickly, but why chance it?

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