NYC Restaurant Spotlight: The Dutch

131 Sullivan St
(between Prince St & Houston St)
New York, NY 10012

Neighborhood: South Village

(212) 677-6200


About The Dutch

The Dutch is located in Soho, so put your best trendy duds on when visiting the area. The menu at The Dutch changes each season, so what you ate last time may not be there if you decide to take a date, friends or family. This is the downside of farm to table-style dining, but it also means you’re getting something new and inventive each time you visit the restaurant.
While The Dutch doesn’t exactly fall under the farm to table dining category, it’s one of the closest things you’ll find in the city. They don’t focus on organic ingredients, but they do focus on local foods and what’s available in the area. This is where the restaurant hits on that farm to table note, even though they’re serving items that come from places besides a farm.

What to Order

One review we read said that the guy came for lunch, then for dinner…on the same day! That’s a testament to the delicious things they’re cooking up at The Dutch. It’s casual dining for the most part and while it has acquired a cult-like following, this isn’t a pretentious New York City restaurant that will make you feel lesser than. Let’s start with the biscuits. We wouldn’t call the food at The Dutch “down home cooking,” but there are nuances of Southern food throughout the menu. The buttery biscuits aren’t for those who are off carbs for the moment, nor do we suggest indulging in them to the point where you’re too full to finish your entree! They’re flaky, soft biscuits that are just buttery enough to taste indulgent, but not overly buttery that they leave a greasy taste in your mouth.
The fried chicken is rated as decent, but many from places where fried chicken rules say it isn’t the best they’ve ever had. The soft shell crab sandwich is a winner and is available for both lunch and dinner. Usually French fries are French fries. At The Dutch they’re hand cut and homemade, prompting many to take notice in the superior flavor and unique seasoning on the fries at this restaurant. They don’t come alongside most dishes, so if you want to try them, you’ll have to order a side of fries (don’t worry – there’s plenty to share with dining companions). If you’re looking to go wild, try the octopus over black fettuccine. This dish is light and flavorful and the pasta is handmade.

How Much?

The prices at The Dutch are reasonable. For two, entrees plus an appetizer and dessert will total about 70 bucks. Of course we don’t know how much you want to drink, but the prices range between $6-$11 for everything from beer to cocktails. The Dutch knows how to mix a drink, so even if you aren’t looking for a good time, now is the time to indulge in a unique cocktail. Service can be slow when the restaurant is packed (which is brunch and weekend evenings), so if you’re looking to get in and out, we recommend going at lunch time or for a mid-week dinner.


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