Patrick.Net Joins the Club of Real Estate Haters is planning a career change, to become a “realtwhore.”

I know, I knowÖ you’re probably thinking: “Hey, isn’t this the same guy who takes cheap shots at RealtwhoresÆ every chance he gets? Isn’t this the same guy who posts article after article about RealtwhoreÆ deceit and trickery? Isn’t this the guy who routinely characterizes the NAR/MLS as a monopoly and quasi-mafia crime syndicate?”
WellÖ yes, yes and emphatically YES !!! But despite my personal feelings about RealtwhoresÆ, I’m willing to set all this aside for a very important reason: 6%.
Yes, if I become my own RealtwhoreÆ, I don’t have to worry about the inherent conflicts of interest, routine misdirection, lies and thievery that comes part and parcel of being represented by one of California’s finest (unless I decide to rip off myself, that is)!

Yes, I can see the humor. But still, I’m continually amazed at the number of real estate industry haters. Much like stockbrokers from 80’s (like Gordan Gekko from Wall Street) and again with the tech bubble of the late 90’s, there are always people who love to see successful people face conflict and failure.
It’s really no different from the masses of people snatching up tabloids recounting Tom Cruise’s latest tribulations. People love seeing others in pain. I think it makes them feel better about themselves.
That said,’s post and the long trail of comments are evidence that blogs like are an absolute necessity for changing common perception of real estate agents/brokers or as Patrick puts it “realtwhores.”
I bet this guy is a renter. He should call me when he’s ready to buy. I can hook him up with college educated people, many of whom have MBA’s and Master’s degrees. They’d certainly prove him wrong about our profession, and you definitely won’t find any of them trolling dark alleyways in tattered fishnets looking for buyers.

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