Per Se: NYC restaurant classic

10 Columbus Cir
(between Broadway & W Central Park)
New York, NY 10019
Neighborhoods: Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown West

(212) 823-9335

About Per Se
Per Se is one of the few glitzy restaurants in New York that has kept its quality and standards high despite the rave reviews and influx of tourists as patrons. Sometimes restaurants in this category can lower their standards after a few years on the radar. They decide to ride the name all the way to the bank, and the dining experience no longer warrants the price tags. This isn’t the case at Per Se. This French restaurant is a favorite of the elite in Manhattan. For most of us, Per Se is the type of restaurant we visit when celebrating a milestone or promotion.
What to Order
It’s French food at its finest, so expect small portions of fatty dishes. This doesn’t mean the food is greasy. It’s quite the contrary with French cuisine since it’s all-natural fat that adds major flavor to each dish. You won’t be disappointed with the food at this restaurant and nearly every review is four stars or higher, even when rated by people who don’t consider themselves foodies. You may want to do yourself a favor and not look at the ingredients in each dish, since we eat with our eyes. Sometimes the idea of two things don’t sound like they work, but they do once they’re on the palette.
There’s a string of amuse boush that are served before dinner. They range from salmon and creme fraiche in a sesame cone to puff balls filled with creamy cheeses, you’re sure to satisfy your taste buds at Per Se. One of the most reviewed entrees is the pulled pork, which is incredibly tender and has just enough fat to make most diners devour the 2 oz. portion quickly. The lamb chops are also a sure thing, as are the various fishes on the menu. Keep in mind the portions are small and most meats and fishes are 2 oz., so this isn’t the place to go when you’re ready to chow down.
The tasting menu is the way to go for most diners at Per Se. This lets you taste many items and since you most likely won’t be back for a number of years, it’s a great way to get feel for the restaurant without ordering tons of food. It also navigates the ordering process for you.
How Much?
The five course tasting menu runs a little under $200, so use that as a way to figure out the prices at Per Se. This restaurant isn’t cheap and it’s a place you visit when touring New York City and wanting to check out a top restaurant or, if you live in New York and want to have a special outing. Per Se is also known for their stellar desserts. If you find yourself on Columbus Circle and want to pop in, but aren’t ready to drop $200 or more per person, consider stopping by for the dessert tasting menu. At a reasonable $65 per person, it gives you a tour of the desserts the pastry chefs create at this fine dining French restaurant.
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