Pet Policies Effecting Rental Market

Are more landlords becoming pet friendly?  Most renters hope so, as it continues to be a challenge to find a quality apartment for some owners with dogs and cats.  Because of condition in the rental market, depending on where you are looking, things may be changing for the better.

Landlords and property managers finally understand that more and more renters want to have pets; therefore, a lot of buildings are willing to eliminate fees and restrictions. Future and current pet owners must take advantage of this situation. The survey revealed that 70% of the respondents said that they had no trouble in locating a pet-friendly building. Also, 50% of the participants mentioned that their current landlord is asking for a pet deposit. Of this number, 36 percent are claiming that they pay up to $200 for their little friends pet deposit, people seem to be more determined to buy a new pet and bring it home. Most of these pet lovers are renters. A recent survey discovered that 43% of the participants already have a pet.

At the same time, ¼ of the respondents want to get a furry friend in the next couple of months. Still, some renters might have problems when wanting to own a pet because certain apartment buildings don’t allow pets. Thus, renters have to investigate the problem and see if they can or cannot have a four-legged friend in their condo. Also, there are apartment buildings that do allow pets, but they demand fees for pet ownership.

Most renters are shed away by the fact that they cannot accommodate their pet. For these persons it takes a lot of time and effort to find the perfect apartment. On the other hand, apartment managers are receiving this feedback and they’re taking it into consideration. As a result, increasingly more landlords are adjusting their pet policies. Nowadays, people can choose from numerous pet-friendly options. It takes some time, but in the end, renters can find an apartment building that allows them to own a pet. At the same time, there are numerous people who don’t own a pet, but they like living in a pet-friendly community.

The survey conducted also revealed that pet-friendly buildings are not an option solely for pet owners. Thus, 34% of the participants said that they don’t own a pet, but they adore living in a building where there are numerous pets. Only 20% of the respondents who don’t have a pet mentioned that they avoid renting an apartment in a pet-friendly building. Therefore, it seems that more and more individuals prefer the company of these small and furry creatures.

The above mentioned study also made public the most popular pets. 4.3 percent of the participants said that they like fish. 11 percent mentioned that they own a medium-sized dog (up to 50 pounds). 13.6% of the respondents said that they have or that they would like to have a large dog but the living conditions in a condo are not that suitable. The second place is reserved for cats; 24.2% of renters own a cat. The most popular pets are definitely the small dogs (less than 26 pounds). 35.5 percent of renters own such a pet because they’re are easier to raise, they’re not that messy, and they’re as cute as a bug’s ear.

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