Real Estate Agents! Get Your Head Out of Your…um…I mean…the Sand!

From Peter Coy of comes ‘Don’t Watch, Read, or Listen to the News If You Can’t Handle the News’.


Coy shares this:  Here’s an excerpt from the promo for a new podcast by the co-founders of, Rory Wilfong, Steve Young, and Dave Conklin:

There are a lot of stories in both trade and consumer publications that seem geared toward sparking debate and nothing else. They will create fear and doubt if you let them. As Rory says, “Don’t watch, read or listen to the news if you can’t handle the news.”

…and Peter also suggests…(I guess the same goes if you’re a Yankees fan this season.)

I would go one major step further here and suggest that if you can’t handle the news, you’re probably not reading enough of it.  On any given day, I’m bombarded with RSS feeds, emails, and news stories that touch every single perspective and every single angle of the housing market from booming local markets to "the sky is falling" national market mentality.  It can make a anyone a bit schizophrenic (me too, yeah, me too) particularly someone making a living selling property.  Having said that, it has never been more important for the real estate community to be completely abreast of events that are changing the dynamics of our marketplace: transparency of information, advances in technology, forward thinking marketing and strategic planning concepts, consumer sentiment, industry sentiment, and of course the overwhelming mumbo jumbo of statistics and economic indicators that claim to be forecasting our futures.

To my savvy colleagues, and there are many, who continue to raise the bar in our industry by making sense of all the information out there available to the public, thank you.   There is great power in having all of this information at your fingertips so that our clients feel confident with your interpretation of it. 

For those who remain frightened with their heads in the sand, good luck with that.  I can’t remember the last time I or anyone I know selected someone to provide a profesional service who was paralyzed by fear.   

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