Real Estate Industry Discovers Importance of Consumer

Yes you read that correctly. Two times per year, one of the largest real estate conferences is held to discuss new technology and innovations to assist real estate professionals in improving their businesses. I have spoken a few times on panels at this conference and have always come away with some incredibly useful information. The exposure to new technology innovators is invaluable. So you can likely appreciate my surprise when I heard that one of the main themes of said conference was a “consumer-centric” approach to real estate. REALLY? I mean REALLY????

Is it being suggested only now in the summer of 2011 that real estate agents put the consumer first? HELLO!!!! Perhaps this is precisely why the consumer thinks we are a bunch of morons who get paid entirely too much money. I’m sitting in my room right now on vacation typing this post because I just find it shocking that “consumer-centric” has just been discovered by the “innovators” of the real estate industry.

NEWSFLASH: I don’t care if you’re selling homes or widgets, you better make sure that EVERYTHING is geared towards making the experience as smooth, efficient and pleasant for the consumer as humanly possible. And if this is surprising to you, perhaps a new profession is in order.

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