Real Estate Public Relations: I Need Kelly Kreth!

I’m frustrated!  And I know exactly what needs to be done.   I’m seeking a savvy, connected, and aggressive PR person to help me take True Gotham into the forefront of New York City real estate.  This blog has been around for just over one year and although feedback has been incredible, readership continues to grow, and their has been no shortage of content to keep things interesting, it’s time to take another leap.

This morning I was perusing noteable news stories when I noticed that Curbed linked to my Friday post on the calm summer Manhattan real estate market.  Cool.  Then I noticed this story:  The Hoy Era: Broker Videos Get Their Moment.   Now I can’t help but wonder how the fact that I’ve been doing streaming, high quality video tours of property for months before my competitors has been overlooked.  In fact, every single one of my properties is featured with a professionally video recorded and edited tour that has taken transparency of property information to an entirely new level.   I just closed on a property Friday that was overbid by someone who was able to send her family in Italy the video tour of the property.  Once they saw it and gave their OK, the buyer felt confident bidding what was necessary to make the place hers. 

For those out there relying on YouTube type quality video, STOP THE MADNESS!  WellcomeMat is the best player out there by far and incredibly user friendly.

And here’s a sample of my latest video for a Georgian facade townhouse:

Basically, my videographer shoots me touring through the house, edits with music and delivers finished the product to me.  I can then easily add the "bookmarks" to the player and descriptions of each as I see fit.  And it’s simple to embed too. 

This is also the player that we will be using in the coming weeks to unveil weekly episodes of TGTV which are sure to stir things up industry wide!   I need a PR person!!!

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