Smart Homes from OpenHouseNYC

Like most guys I know, I’m a huge fan of technology and this week’s clip from OpenHouseNYC delivers some fun stuff to "trick out da crib" (did I just type that?) with the latest tech gadgetry:

In this Floorplan segment, George Oliphant takes us inside smart homes. George meets with Richard Hollander of IVCi home to explain the different options for home automation solutions. According to Richard, these core systems centralize control for lighting, air conditioning, shades, security and media. Installation can take anywhere from 12 weeks to 24 weeks and cost $3000 and up, but once completed the systems can be accessed from any room in the home and remotely on the web.

After talk with Richard, George meets with one of his happy customers, George Walden. George shows off his favorite smart home features including a live feed in the master bedroom of the security camera overlooking his pool. Though his installation cost $250,000, his home boasts features that can fit any budget. Check out this edition of Floorplan to see some smart choices for your home…

I can’t wait to add this type of technology to our apartment!  But first we have a kitchen to do.

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