Some Real Estate Agents Are Just Stupid

Transcript of a phone call that just took place in my office with a seller’s agent representing a new exclusive property:

Jennifer (from my team): Hi, this is Jennifer Breu from Doug Heddings office at Prudential Douglas Elliman.  We noticed your new exclusive on your web page and our client would like to know what floor it is on.

Agent:  It will be ready for co-broke tomorrow.  For now the information you have will have to suffice. (It’s listed as her exclusive on her website)

Jennifer:  You can’t share with me what floor it is on?

Agent: I have someone on the other line, this will have to do…click

Most of my colleagues and I play nice but occasionally you stumble across an agent who has their head so far up their ___ that they lose touch of the service they are supposed to be providing their seller.  Do you think for one moment that her seller would approve of her unwillingness to disclose the apartment number to a prospective purchaser.  What’s the point?  She’s having an open house on Sunday and says the apartment info will be forthcoming tomorrow.  It takes less than 2 seconds to state an apartment number and for the life of me I can’t fathom why an agent wouldn’t share that info.  Perhaps she’s just having a bad day but something tells me that this particular agent  is just generally uncooperative to the rest of us in the industry. 

So why in the world would a seller hire someone like this and pay them a hefty commission to be an obstacle to the sale of their property?  NO CLUE!

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