Someone You Can Trust: A Message from the NAR

And now a message from the National Association of Realtors:

The National Association of REALTORSÆ Public Awareness Campaign takes another important step forward in 2006. This year’s campaign has added two important communications components.
The first new addition to the campaign will be promoting the REALTORÆ Code of Ethics for the first time. The new spot, “Someone You Can Trust” highlights the honesty and integrity that REALTORSÆ bring to each and every transaction, and also specifically mentions the quadrennial ethics training requirement every REALTORÆ must complete.
There is also a new execution aimed at the FSBO market. The spot, “Don’t Try This At Home” targets FSBOs with a hard-hitting message: REALTORSÆ have the experience to price your home, so it can sell for up to 16% more than selling it yourself. (From NAR’s 2005 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers Study.)

There’s a constant push in my industry to raise the bar and promote ethics and integrity. I’m not sold on the current strategy. Simply taking classes and getting certified isn’t enough. That’s like saying because you took a safe driving course, you won’t speed. We see how well that works. Everyone took driver’s ed, but just look at all the lead foots out on the road.
The only way our industry will truly change is if unethical agents are kicked to the curb. Fortunately this is already happening.
Buyers and sellers alike are becoming savvier than ever before. Not to mention more and more are relying on a referral to an agent based on that agent’s proven track record with a friend, colleague, or relative. As the selling and buying public demands more from real estate professionals the bad apples will gradually be weeded out.

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