Sometimes Real Estate is Depressing

I just received a phone call from the attorney for the estate of a client that my group represented two years ago.  The young man (in his mid 30’s) was battling cancer when he purchased the home and I just learned that he lost his fight and passed away very recently.  His family in Europe asked that the attorney reach out to me to help them market and sell the apartment for the estate.  A bittersweet phone call indeed. 

Most of the large brokerages and many of the not so large circulate estate information to their agents in an effort to procure exclusive represention on behalf of the executors for such estates.  I have always made it abundantly clear to the powers that be in my company that I don’t want to be included on these lists as I have never felt comfortable contacting the grieving regarding their recently deceased loved-one’s property.  That said, there have been many times in my 16 years in the industry when estate attorneys or the families that they represent have reached out to me to assist with the sale of residential property.  In these instances, I feel that it is my duty and responsibility to make the process as hassle free as possible for the grieving family. 

On a personal level, acting as the exclusive agent for the property of an estate is an experience that always helps me to put my own life in perspective.  Gratitude for the everyday experiences of the real estate business, parenting, relationships, and life in general grow exponentially.  I was recently asked by a friend as to why I wore the yellow Livestrong bracelet every day.  Aside from the fact that I’m a believer and a supporter of the Lance Armstrong Foundation, the bracelet is a constant reminder throughout my day that LIFE IS GOOD.

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