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I’m heading to Baltimore this morning to visit my brand spanking new nephew, who was born yesterday!  Congrats to my sis and bro-in-law!!! It’s events like these that frequently give us pause providing a moment to evaluate our lives and what it is we are doing to make our world a better place…good grief…I think I’m gonna make myself vomit. 

Seriously though, I received this email yesterday from real estate professional, guru, and consultant and Esther Muller.  I have attended her continuing education classes here in new york City and would highly recommend them to all.  Her vibrant energy is contagious and she truly has been on a mission for years to improve the real estate industry.  This email made me rethink True Gotham’s mission.  Oh no worries, it will not change in that I will continue to expose dirty real estate tricks and provide useful market insight to the consumer in an effort to make the real estate process more transparent.  But I want to add to my mission.  I have always intended to be part of the solution and not just bitch and moan about what is wrong with the real estate industry.  Having said that, on a regular basis I will provide more tips and advice to the industry (like passing along this email from Esther) to help agents better serve their clients thereby improving the reputation of our industry.  So here is the first of many helpful posts that I hope will improve your business and your life…Thanks Esther!:

Integrity – If you want to separate yourself from 90% of the rest of the business world, decide to make impeccable integrity the primary attitude of your life. The recent round of corporate scandals has proved that integrity is on the short list of business ethics in most of today’s boardrooms. The leaders and high achievers of tomorrow realize that integrity is "doing the right thing when nobody is looking." Decide to silently be the ‘Class Act Example’ in your group of people and watch how the door of opportunity swings your way

ACTION STEP – Make a list of the qualities you would like to experience in someone who you choose to buy something from or who will represent you in a legal or accounting matter. You probably see words like Trust, Honesty, Integrity, etc. Now decide that these are uncompromising qualities which you’ll never waver from, and you’ll instantly stand out as unique from almost everyone else.

Gratitude Attitude – It’s been said that there are two kinds of people in life – critics and creators. Living life in a state of thankfulness allows us to see how much good most of us really have in our lives, opening up a new realm of creative possibility. I’m talking about a complete shift in paradigm where you begin each day in a state of thanks for the gift of a new day, the gift of breath, the gift of health, the gift of sight, etc. When one shifts from the average way of thinking; being critical, complaining, living in crisis-mode – to gratitude; being thankful, praising, living in solution-mode – you feel much more peace, health, and ultimately success.

ACTION STEP – Ask yourself which kind of person you’d like to marry – a negative-thinking, critical whiner; or a positive-thinking, creative problem solver? Now comes the hard part. Which one are you right now? And if you’re not satisfied with your answer, start tomorrow in thankfulness for all the things you truly have to be grateful for.

Self-Confidence – In the last ten years the way people work, communicate, learn and do business has changed dramatically. The upside is an increasing number of new opportunities because of the boom in technology. The downside is that people are increasingly groaning under the burden of life’s complexities and the light speed changes brought on by our sudden technological leap. As computers allow us to become more isolated, we are facing a new crisis of personal confidence. Fear, fatigue, and worry are overcoming the average person, making the issue of self-confidence the primary attitude of success to focus on in the 21st century.

ACTION STEP – Begin a ‘Positive Event Journal.’ Write down five positive events, whether big or small, that happened to you each and every day for at least two months. This creates a new habit of positive thinking.

And in true Esther Muller fashion she concludes, "Please feel free to forward this to anyone you believe could receive value or benefit from this message."

The bigger picture here seems to be sharing your success.

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