Team Approach a MUST in Today’s Residential Real Estate Market

If you’re considering hiring a real estate professional to market and sell your home in today’s challenging environment, may I strongly suggest hiring a team as opposed to an individual.  An increase in inventory paired with a decrease in the pool of buyers has resulted in a slower spring market than most have grown accustomed to. 

All of that said, it has never been more important to have multiple agents available to physically show properties precisely when prospective purchasers want to see them.  Here is just one example of how a multi-member team benefits a seller:

Buyer calls for an appointment for 10:30AM on Friday:

Individual agent:  "I have another appointment at that time so can you do 3PM?"

Buyer’s agent: "Sorry I only have the client in the morning."

Result:  With more inventory to peruse in today’s market place there is a very good chance that this buyer will find something else without ever seeing your home.

Solution (TEAM APPROACH):  "Of course we can show at 10:30AM on Friday.  You will be meeting so and so from our team and their cell phone number is blah.  They will see you then."

It really is THAT simple!  More bodies, more availability to show and SELL your home.  In a market where buyers have more choices, you absolutely want to make sure that your property is among the pool of those from which they are choosing.  If they can’t see it, you can’t sell it.

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