The 7 Train: What To Do, See, and Eat Along the International Express


The New York 7 train connects Midtown Manhattan to Flushing in Queens, but it also links different cultures, and people from all over the world. In 2000 it was called the National Millennium Trail, which is a metaphor for the high number of immigrants who populated America, and who brought along their customs and traditions.

The International Express has some of its major stops in Queens, one of the most assorted counties in the U.S where you’ll be able to enjoy a unique mix of flagrances, tastes, sightings and cultural values that cannot be found anywhere else. You may not know this but 47% of U.S residents were not born on U.S territory, and this migratory wave has brought along an impressive number of fabulous restaurants and interesting practices that you can now enjoy by travelling with the New York7 train.

Start your journey with the Grand Central Station

Begin your thrilling journey with the International Express at the Grand Central Station, and relish in all the neighborhood high points as the train slowly rolls to Queens. It’s almost impossible to see everything in just one day, but you could at least spend a few hours visiting some of the most interesting attractions, eat in nice restaurants and find out more about the surrounding areas.

Get to know Long Island City

One of the first stops will be in Long Island City, a former industrial area, which has developed greatly during the past few years. Here, you can get out of the train and walk back toward Manhattan to admire the lovely East River; furthermore, you will pass by the nice Gantry Plaza State Park where you’ll be able to enjoy amazing sceneries from the Water Taxi Beach.

Visit the Sunnyside neighborhood

Visit the chic Sunnyside neighborhood on your next stop; the beautiful area is divided by the Queens Boulevard and the elevated 7 subway. A bit crowded on weekdays Sunnyside comes with a lot of character for people fond of the unusual. Similarly, the strip along the northern part of Queens Boulevard is an exciting peak into the diversity of the middle class; within just a few blocks you can experience the satisfying Turkish at Hemsin, the spicy BBQ at Shin Chon Kalbi, the good Italian at Dazie’s, or the kitschy Romanian at Casa Romana.

Get to know Louis Armstrong y visiting his residence in Corona

Corona is a really nice community as well although it’s not that extravagant like other neighborhoods in NYC. The jazz star, Louis Armstrong lived here, and you are invited to have a good time visiting his former residence.

Whether you want to dine, admire the attractions or meet new people, a trip with the International Express throughout NYC will certainly be unforgettable. Travelers will have the chance to learn exciting things about different cultures, and they will be amazed by the interactive things New York has to offer. You are advised to bring cash during the trip because most restaurants and museums do not accept credit cards, and you should be prepared to come across language difficulties, as English speakers in these regions are in minority.

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