The Power of a Blog in Good Hands

Being fairly new to the blogosphere, I am just beginning to fully realize the power of the blog and the incredible quality of real estate information and insight now available online if you’re willing to do some poking around. There are some incredibly intelligent real estate professionals out there in the "blog trenches," working diligently to alter the perception of the real estate profession.

One such blogger, and a true real estate pro that I have had the fortune of discovering online is Kevin Boer at 3 Oceans Real Estate.

Just take a look at his recent post about the unveiling of Zillow’s new release. (And a follow-up post.) Kevin does a fantastic job of gauging how he believes the real estate agent, the consumer, and the savvy Web 2.0 agent will react to this new Zillow. His insight into the typical agent’s reaction is as honest as it gets as most of those in our industry are so incredibly resistant to change that they will fight it tooth and nail. He also effectively points out how the real estate profession as a whole isn’t aligned with the consumer in their perception of the new Zillow. And lastly, he does a brilliant job of showing precisely how exciting Zillow and similar companies like Trulia are for our industry and the way we do business. Not to sound corny, but consider the power of his insight: I have never met Kevin Boer, nor have I even exchanged e-mails with him, but I have read enough to know that if I were buying a home in Greater San Francisco area, he’d be my first call. I’m sure there are plenty others who feel the same way.

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