The True Gotham Mission

As real estate brokers, we fight the used car salesman stigma every single day. I believe the stereotypes don’t come from space. There is some validity to these things, and I would like to see the bar raised higher.
This is dangerous, there could be repercussions. There in fact were repercussions from my previous company which had a great deal to do with my departure. Most in the industry give me accolades while a very small minority spew hatred.
But I think it’s a necessity to at least make an effort to change the perception of an industry for which many have such disdain.
I think it’s important people feel comfortable and confident with whatever broker they’re working with, and I would like to see some of the distrust that people have, and the disdain that people have for real estate brokers dissipate. I’d like to see that go away. And I think if they see the inner workings of the real estate industry from a broker and his team who are full of integrity, with the utmost honesty, they’ll see things that enable them to make the right choices and decisions when it comes time to buy or sell.
For more information: Listen to a podcast about why this blog was started.

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