Top of the line Kitchen Renos from OpenHouseNYC

This weeks OpenHouseNYC segment covers a decision that many of us face during our homeownership: How much money do we spend on a kitchen renovation?  Should we modestly renovate with resale in mind or do we go "all out" and put in the kitchen of our dreams.  Holly Gonchar decided on the latter: 

Maybe you’ve cashed out your company stock, gotten a big bonus, inherited a big windfall from your beloved uncle or just simply have always dreamt of the most luxurious kitchen money can buy. Well, in this week’s Floorplan segment, OpenHouseNYC host, George Oliphant finds out just how that kitchen might look. George meets with Mairav Gargano of New York Kitchen & Bath and learns about the high-end elements in a top of the line kitchen.  

Mairav suggests three main features of the high-end kitchen: integrated Italian custom cabinetry, Quartz countertops with glass bars and Sub-Zero refrigerators. Mairav estimates that the cabinetry will cost between $30,000-40,000 and the countertops and refrigerators will cost approximately $8,000 each. She also suggests a few exotic design elements that can also be incorporated including under-cabinet lighting, televisions in the backsplashes and modern cook tops.

The ever intrepid George, however, decides to step outside the showroom and see what this looks like when one ventures inside an actual apartment and visit with a home owner who has implemented these fixtures and finishes. George interviews Holly Gonchar to see if she’s happy with the work NYKB produced.  Check it out… 

My wife and I are in the process of making this decision right now.  Since we will likely be staying in our apartment until our kids (ages 6 and 3) go to college, the dream kitchen may indeed become a reality.  Now the question is whether my wife, an editor at Food and Wine magazine, has attainable kitchen dreams?

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