TrueGotham Is NOT Dead

I realize that you wouldn’t know from the lack of postings here, but TrueGotham is not dead!  As most of you know, I left my former firm and brought the Heddings Property Group to Charles Rutenberg Realty back in June.  It’s no surprise that the move has added a plethora of new responsibilities to my job description and since my clients always come first, the blog has had to take a back seat for a short time.  

Our team continues to grow and we have been incredibly busy with a Manhattan real estate market that remains challenging but not impossible to navigate.  After a slow start to 2009, the summer and fall months have kept us all on our toes.  With 7 quality professionals (and growing) currently on our team and a commitment to a level of service unparalleled in the industry, we are enjoying the process of helping buyers and sellers navigate a terribly confusing real estate landscape more than ever before.  Incidentally, I interviewed or spoke with 75 people in an effort to fill the final 2 desks in our Westside office and further expansion is in the works.

Next month we will be opening a Hampton’s branch of The Heddings Property Group at Charles Rutenberg Realty located in Southampton and by June we anticipate the opening of a downtown Manhattan office in the Union Square area.    

The ranks of Rutenberg continue to grow as well with over 300 agents creating the 6th largest brokerage in Manhattan in only 3 short years (colleagues please feel free to call me to discuss the many reasons why you too should join the Rutenberg team).  

As cutting edge technology makes its way through the big brand bureaucracy, we continue to syndicate and share listing information globally in over 30 languages.  We are rolling out a buy side tool any day now that will streamline the search process and bring with it a transparency of which most are afraid.   And we have created a real estate broker business model that truly focuses on the best interest of the client by aligning the interests of all team members with that of each and every buyer or seller.

So you see that we are very busy trying to make the real estate buying and selling process a smooth and more efficient experience for those who matter most: the buyers and sellers!                                                                                            

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