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Although it’s published, and largely written, by a working Manhattan broker, TrueGotham was never about buying and selling property. (In fact, there has never been a single link or description on TrueGotham to any of Doug’s properties.) On the contrary, TrueGotham was born with a clear mission to help build trust between real estate consumers and their real estate professionals.

That makes TrueGotham a rarity: reports from an experienced voice inside the industry that is not afraid to admit that a whole bunch of what happens here is scandalously terrible. To that effect, in its young life TrueGotham has been home angry posts about brokers intentionally misleading their clients (in various different ways), the low barrier of entry to the real estate profession, the shady practice of making old listings look new, and all that mindless rah-rah "the market’s always good" talk that comes standard from some real estate professionals.

TrueGotham also aims to have straightforward, non-salesy, hands-on perspective about the business of real estate, including how to find a good broker, why not to get hung up on price per square foot, what’s wrong with low-ball offers, the new housing futures market as a predictive tool, the hassles of very aggressive co-op boards (and more), and why it’s not always good to have a broker fall totally in love with your property.

TrueGotham also has really sweet wheels.

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