Urban Landscape: Gardening in Small Spaces

Landscaping in areas with limited space can be daunting since every section of the garden will have a huge impact on its productivity as a whole. Individuals living in city environments with small amounts of space for gardening have developed some resourceful ways to maintain gardens. Most of these gardens are located in spaces that have limited access to proper sunlight and have a smaller plot of land to work with. Operating a fruitful garden in areas that share similar characteristics will require sound planting advice and educated placement.

Underrated benefits of vines and natural vegetation

Vines fall into a category of plants that offer plenty of benefits, but are often overlooked by gardeners. Vines offer many solutions to common issues faced by gardeners when it comes to space constraints and other issues. Using vines to make the most out of your vertical garden area is extremely effective since vines will grow regardless of the surrounding areas. Vines will coil themselves around any object they touch and will continue to grow vertically as much as the environment will allow.

Many gardeners use vines to cover walls, fences, and similar elements to create a visual effect unlike any other plant.

Various Species of Vines

Some of the most fasting growing seasonal vines like the Bottle Gourd, Moonflower and Hyacinth Bean vines are known to grow pretty much anywhere as long as there in an adequate amount of water and sun. These species can grow up to 20 feet within a growing annually.

Some vines take longer to grow like the trumpet vines that will take multiple years for it to begin to grow. Once these perennial vines have began their growing cycle, they can become as active as annual vines and will continue to grow for years to come.

Most species of vines will only grow horizontally if that’s the only place for them to grow. This technique has been utilized to create vine covers on the ground and on pergolas. One of the most unique growing techniques that some vines offer is that when they have grown to their fullest extent vertically, they will coil back towards the ground which offers a great look.

Location, Location, Location

Some vines are known as aggressive growers and have the ability of growing into powerful braids of vines that may prove detrimental to surrounding to surrounding trees and plants if allowed to. These aggressive growing vines have the ability of outgrowing surrounding trees or plants to the extent of blocking nutrients from reaching them. The successfulness of your vines can rely on what other plants you have growing around it.

Many gardeners that have learned to adapt to the urban city environment has learned to compensate for the limited amount of horizontal space with the decent amount of vertical space typically offered. Vines have proven to be ideal plants for areas where there is more vertical space offered than horizontal space. Before you decide to plant vines in your small garden, do some research on the growing qualities of the plats. Make sure that you don’t mix aggressive growing vines with less dominant growers as they will be overcome and may die.

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