Who Turned On the Manhattan Real Estate Market Again?

I don’t know exactly what is going on but the Manhattan real estate market is churning white hot yet again.  I’m having difficulty finding the time to blog.  For example, here’s just how today went:

  • Highest, best and final offer for property first offered this past Sunday.  7 "final" offers (3 dropped out…intimidated) of which 6 were way over ask.
  • Contract out to be signed tomorrow on property that received multiple offers last week after a board turn-down and 4 months on the market.
  • Contract out to be signed tomorrow on another property which also received multiple offers after 5 months on the market.
  • 10:30AM-11:30AM-met with buyers to view 2 properties: one didn’t have the view they like and the other is a viable option.  Awaiting there call to see if they want to bid.  50/50 chance I think.
  • 12:15PM-5PM-with buyer viewing new development projects with pools.  Bidding on something we saw.
  • Email to follow-up with prospective seller.
  • Appointments arranged for buyer to visit property 2nd time with architect.
  • Expediting closing for 2BR.
  • Phone call with seller who may want to sell 3BR East side Condo to purchase Townhouse.
  • Email with seller who wants to see 3BR fixer-upper and may sell Classic 9.
  • Right now…doing searches for 2 prospective purchasers who are ready to buy ASAP.
  • Going home to see my wife and kids!

All in a day’s work.  I love this job!!!

And BTW…my colleagues seem to be incredibly busy too!  Our top agent put 6 new exclusives into the system TODAY.  Anyone else care to share what’s happening in their business or with their searches?

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