Who’s Buying That?

The new National Association of Realtors advertising campaign (message: it’s a good time to buy and sell) screams of desperation, and it’s not convincing.

I happen to think the average home buyer out there sees the new NAR campaign for what it is… a feeble attempt at a “buy now” agent tactic that is precisely the fuel that infuriates most of the buying public that I talk to.

Now I agree with the NAR (you won’t see me say that often… in fact, it made we itch when I typed it!) that the public needs to be careful about getting too wrapped up in the negative buzz about the housing market. The market is off its highs and continues to cool in most parts of the country. Anyone who doesn’t know this needs to crawl out from under their rock. That said, in New York City, real estate continues to trade as people upsize, downsize, and generally “relocate” as their priorities continue to change.

Now the NAR doesn’t carry much weight here in the Big Apple, but I can’t imagine that this ad campaign has buyers across the rest of the country rushing out snatch up all that inventory. The NAR is simply spending some money to appease its constituents. Problem is, they are again shooting themselves in the foot, by further eroding what little credibility they have left.

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