Why Isn’t Everyone Using Video to Market Homes?

I have no clue!!!  Many would suggest that I keep my trade secrets to myself.  I say, "NOT NECESSARY."  It’s what you do with information that sets you apart from the rest of the pack in any given industry.  So why is it that everyone in the real estate industry isn’t using real video tours to market property?  It is a much more effective tool than the virtual tour in so many obvious ways; namely that you can actually "give the tour" on video and narrate as you do so with the ability to point out so many more features than photographs or virtual tours provide.  In effect, you are allowing the real estate community and prospective purchasers the opportunity to preview the home prior to stepping foot into it.

The best service that I have found to host and organize video tours is WellcomeMat (yes that is me in the "How to" video on the front page).  Forgive the following promo for them but I’m a big believer in trumpeting those who are changing the face of our industry in a positive way (and I get nothing for saying so).

We recently went live with the new release of WellcomeMat.com, and are having a very intense (but short) party while we wait on the support emails that follow any major upgrade. The good news is that the foundation of a very big plan is in tact, sturdy, and the end result is going to be nothing short of Rockin’ Roll!

Rather than talk shop in an email that none of you are going to read anyway, we have posted all the new greatness here.

In addition, here are some teasers:

Embed Menu: 5 players to choose from to post on your blog/site
Complete Channel Upgrade
Channel Widget: all of your active videos in the size of two vertical business cards! (see below) 
Revamped Video Pro Directory: search by radius makes Video Pros able to cover multiple towns/cities.
Craigslist Ad: cut and paste Craigslist Ad revamped
Channel Promotion Page: launch promotions and feeds straight from your promo page
Automatic Image Resizing: uploaded logos/pics are now perfectly fitting to all pages

If you are representing a seller, you are doing them a disservice by not preparing a video tour.  Here are some examples of how it works and what it looks like.

And this is the widget!

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