A Real Estate Concierge Providing Bespoke Services

As a genuine boutique real estate firm, CORE prides itself on our ability to custom tailor each facet of the sales and purchase process to each customer’s needs.  That bespoke experience starts with our agents and the individualized support that they receive at CORE. Just as no two properties are alike, the same can be said about real estate agents. Similar to marketing an individual’s home, each agent’s business must be supported and nurtured based on their specific strengths. When an agent receives consistent and constant personalized support, they develop a confidence and a business acumen that translates to an incredibly positive experience for the consumer.  Pair this agent with an incredible suite of marketing materials, ideas and concepts and the consumer wins every time!

Having sold Manhattan real estate since 1992, I can tell you without reservation that many talk the talk, but very few actually walk the walk. The next time that you decide to meet with a real estate agent, consider asking them precisely what it is they will bring to the table that makes them an asset to you. Then listen carefully.

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