Apartment Walk Through Checklist

Clients of mine just sent me an email asking exactly what they should be looking for when they do their walk through of their new apartment this coming Friday.  Excellent question and here is a relatively comprehensive list from one of my colleagues, Paul Macapagal of Prudential Douglas Elliman:

    1. All receptacles and switches work, proper polarity checked (Paul suggests bringing your cell phone charger to check outlets…GREAT IDEA!)
    2. GFCI receptacles tested and working
    3. Switches and receptacles are the proper color
    4. All device plates installed straight and tight to the walls
    5. Light bulbs installed in all fixtures and all in working condition
    6. Telephone Jacks working
    7. Cable TV Jacks working
    8. Network jacks working
    9. Door Bell working
    10. Toilets all working
    11. Faucets all working
    12. Showers, bathtubs, and whirlpools all working
    13. No scratches, chips or nicks on any plumbing fixtures
    14. Hot water heat, each zone working properly
    15. Painting satisfactory in all rooms, closets and stairways no touch-ups required
    16. Walls, no dents, scratches, nicks or bad finish
    17. Windows all working and sealed properly
    18. Doors all working and sealed properly.
    19. All the glass windows and doors good with no cracks or chips 
    20. Wood floors properly installed and finished with no stains or marks
    21. Carpets properly installed with no stains and all seams match 
    22. All interior wood trim and moldings in place and properly installed
    23. All Air Conditioning working properly
    24. Heating units working properly
    25. Appliances like the washer, dryer, and oven etc. are all working properly
    26. All cabinets and counter tops checked for scratches, nicks, cuts, cracks or chips
    27. All tiles checked for scratches, nicks, cuts, cracks, or chips 
    28. All cabinet doors open and close properly
    29. All cabinet hardware installed properly
    30. Check all options such as garbage disposal, multi jet showers, steam baths, saunas, intercoms, concierge phone, alarm system, etc.
    31. Received all instruction manuals, directions and warranties
    32. Fireplace works properly, Draft and damper working
    33. Make sure all the keys are accounted for
    34. Check all the common areas of the building

This is the most complete check list I have seen in my 16 years and I can’t think of anything that has been overlooked.

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