TrueGotham TV Explores Square Feet: Why The Mystery?

If you’re a regular reader of TrueGotham, there’s no secret to how I feel about discrepancies in square footage and the lack of standardization of measurement (or is there?) in the marketplace.  Buyer frustration permeates the market as prospective purchasers continue to ask, "why can’t we get an accurate quote of square footage?"

In our inaugural episode of TrueGotham Television (TGTV), we explore the methodology of measuring square footage.   Jonathan Miller from RadarLogic and Miller Samuel Appraisers, Yungie Hahn from H2 Architects, and Don Meade from Quality Floor Plans join me to share their methods for calculating and their thoughts on square footage inaccuracies.

Tune in next week for each professional’s findings and the first part of our panel discussion on methodology and the lack of accuracy in square footage quotes.  

11 Responses to TrueGotham TV Explores Square Feet: Why The Mystery?

  1. avatar Noah says:

    excellent job Doug! Great cast as well to add to the topic at hand!! Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Noah and congrats to you on making the top 25 list too! I’m thinking you would be a GREAT guest on TGTV…I will be in touch.

  3. avatar Drew Meyers says:

    Congrats! And I think this is a very smart strategy on your part (see my post on GeekEstate).

  4. Thanks Drew. Loved the post on GeekEstate.

  5. Hey Doug, great job and a great cast too. Congratulations on the pilot and on making the Inman top 25 list too.

  6. avatar Ron Ares says:

    A classic programming move….a cliffhanger episode right out of the gate! I’ll be back for those results…

  7. Thanks Peter and Ron. Appreciate the encouraging words and glad you like TGTV.

  8. avatar D White says:

    This subject pisses me off to no end. Everybody LIES. I CAN NOT WAIT for the next episode!

  9. avatar Miles says:

    Thanks for this piece. I am in the industry and there are a lot of issues that the area measurement brings up in condos (such as do you measure from the interior wall, midpoint, or exterior wall). However, this is not an apples to apples comparison for the three professionals. The area measurement in an appraisal is a fairly small part of the whole appraisal process. The whole appraisal typically costs $400-$500, so you are getting the measurement and floorplan sketch for about $100-$200. For that discounted price though, it’s only supposed to be relied upon in the context of that appraisal and not used for buying and selling decisions (read the fine print in most appraisals). Can you ask your architect and floor planner what they would typically charge to measure and prepare a sketch for this property – I bet it’s significantly more than $100-$200.

  10. Miles,
    Definitely stay tuned as you, I and many in the industry share some common misinformation. You will see what I mean as the series unfolds. Episode 2 airs tomorrow.

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