TrueGotham TV Explores Square Feet: Why The Mystery?

If you’re a regular reader of TrueGotham, there’s no secret to how I feel about discrepancies in square footage and the lack of standardization of measurement (or is there?) in the marketplace.  Buyer frustration permeates the market as prospective purchasers continue to ask, "why can’t we get an accurate quote of square footage?"

In our inaugural episode of TrueGotham Television (TGTV), we explore the methodology of measuring square footage.   Jonathan Miller from RadarLogic and Miller Samuel Appraisers, Yungie Hahn from H2 Architects, and Don Meade from Quality Floor Plans join me to share their methods for calculating and their thoughts on square footage inaccuracies.

Tune in next week for each professional’s findings and the first part of our panel discussion on methodology and the lack of accuracy in square footage quotes.  

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