Choosing a Manhattan Broker

You need to find somebody who has experience.
Somebody could be in the business for 25 years if they do maybe one or two transactions a year, that isn’t the kind of experience you may be looking for.
I would suggest looking for someone in Manhattan who does 25 transactions a year. Two or more transactions a month.
You also want to find someone you have chemistry with. Someone you can work with. Because you’re going to work intimately with this person to sell what might be your biggest asset, and need to have chemistry with this person.
You also want to get references. It’s always a great idea to ask them “can you get me some names and numbers of some sellers that you’ve represented in the past?” Or buyers that you’ve represented in the past? You need testimonials from other people that this person is gonna deliver what they say.
Sellers: Get a Marketing Plan in Writing
Get a broker who will commit in writing to a marketing plan. There are very few peopleóthere are very few brokers in the industry who will actually commit to what they say they’re going to do. You know, if they say they’re gonna mail this, or e-mail thatÖor advertise this many times or hold this many open houses. As soon as they get you to sign on the dotted line, that usually goes out the window. So you get somebody who will type out a full marketing strategy specific to your apartment.
And make them sign it.
Make them commit. You’re committing to pay them six percent. Make them commit to deliver what they’re getting paid six percent for, ’cause it’s a lot of money.

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