Custom Closets from Open House NYC

This week’s episode of OpenHouseNYC  focuses on an "amenity" that New Yorkers never get enough of:  CLOSET SPACE!

In this edition of Floorplan, George Oliphant confronts a perpetual problem of city living: no closet space! First George meets with Dorren Tuman, the closet lady to learn about custom solutions for your closet. Within 3 weeks, Doreen can examine your wardrobe, measure the spaces and install things like Double/Triple hanging to maximize the space in your closet.

Later, George checks in with Matt Laken and his mom Stacey to examine their closets and see how it works. Both son and mom have well-organized unique spaces at a cost of around $700-800. Even the young Matt doesn’t mind keeping his closet clean with the help of his organizational cabinetry.

Then George checks out the closet of the future for high-end wardrobes, Garde Robe. Garde Robe is a cyber-closet that will store garments in an efficient and safe manner for beginning at $350 month. You can catalog your items and retrieve them whenever you need them with sheer convenience.

Finally, if you’re still not sure what kind of closet suits your needs check out the California Closets showroom at 26 Varick Street or on the web at

So whether you want to build a new closet in your home or find a high-tech storage facility, this edition of Floorplan is for you.

The topic of closets always takes me down memory lane to the first apartment my wife and I shared prior to getting married.  It was a charming 500sf 1BR in a brownstone with only 2 small closets.  My wife (then girlfriend) got the closet in the bedroom and we shared the utility closet in the kitchen.  Try selling apartments when your suits smell like bacon!

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