Open House Thieves CAUGHT!!!!

I just returned this evening from an incredibly relaxing Thanksgiving in St. Thomas and couldn’t imagine anything that could put an exclamation point on such a great trip than this news:


David Li from the New York Post just called to ask me for details and I know nothing as I was away.  I will be certain to share more details as they become available on Monday but for now just follow the link above to The Post article.

Thanks to everyone across the internet and mainstream media who ran with this story, posted the photos of these culprits, and ultimately forced the investigation that led to their arrests!

A special thanks to Lock and Joey from Curbed, Noah from Urban Digs, and Peter from for their quick posts on this subject.

Monday Morning UPDATE: Surprisingly the Daily News refers to one of the women as being a "sexy brunette"…that was the one we thought was a guy! 

Anyway, great news that they have been caught and charged but everyone should use this as an opportunity to be more diligent about open house security.

Monday Evening UPDATE:  The jewelry that the duo took from my sellers has been returned!  Apparently the 2 have been waiting downtown at the court house for their attorney to appear for their arraignment.

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