An Excellent Real Estate Agent Is Worth A Multiple of Their Weight In Gold

I have been blogging since 2006 in an effort to raise the bar in real estate and to dispel the used car salesman stereotype of real estate agents. Despite my efforts, I am still shocked by some of the incompetence I witness in the industry. Thankfully, the industry continues to make great strides with the overall quality and intelligence of my current day colleagues vastly improved from 25 years ago.

As the Director of Sales of CORE, I have a different and more objective perspective of the real estate agent. Although rarely an intimate player in the transaction, I’m often sought out for advice, direction or simply approval regarding certain aspects of the deal. Because of my involvement from pre-listing to closing, it is easy for me to appreciate the agent who rises to the top by providing a level of professionalism, insight and knowledge that makes them a true asset in any transaction.

Here are just a few of the things that contribute to an agent being an asset in your transaction:

  • Being of Service – The better real estate agents understand that they are there to serve and assist you.
  • Excellent Communication – This means LISTENING to the consumer but also communicating effectively and HONESTLY about market conditions and all things real estate.
  • Staying Out of Their Own Way – The best agents constantly check themselves to make sure the consumer’s best interest is always primary.
  • They Don’t Sell – Hard selling rarely aligns with the consumer’s best interest.
  • Excellent Navigators – In an information rich world, making sense of and navigating the information is key.

Agents who practice the above and constantly try to frame themselves as an asset in the transaction tend to indeed be worth more than their weight in gold.

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