Friday Link-O-Rama

I’m currently training for the 2007 Nautica NYC Triathlon  in honor of my father-in-law who has been battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer for 18 months (more about my participation in the race here).  So the training is a bit grueling taking up big chunks of time (as much as 3-4 hours a day some days).  The race is July 22, so the Friday Link-O-Rama is going to be a regular feature at least until the race is completed.   By the way, I’m angry at my coaches for beating me into the ground so today’s L-O-R has an EVIL theme to it 😀 So here goes:

  • BED BUGS…ewwww (via Consumerist).  Two families in my son’s nursery school had this happen to them last year and it was an absolute NIGHTMARE!  Many of their things had to be discarded.  It doesn’t just happen in hotels but it appears one friend brought them back to the apartment from a hotel.  Check the reference to Harvard School of Public Health on what do to if you are infested.
  • Ah ah ah ah ah…the EVIL Yield Spread Premium (via Business Week Online).  For the record, most of the mortgage brokers I work with pass this on in form of savings to their clients.
  • From Housing Panic Blog comes an open letter from a mortgage broker.  He’s scared!
  • Surprise surprise…David Lereah speaks with forked tongue (listen on NPR)
  • Christine Haughney of The New York Times explains how New York City Renters Cope With Squeeze.  Can’t find an apartment to rent after ‘B’ school?  Pitch a tent on the roof of a building (I’m kidding).
  • For those of you who enjoy a good fight, an Upper West Side Rezoning Fight Begins (via the Sun).  Will the skyline of the Upper West Side continue to change?….um…probably.
  • And an exit from the EVIL theme unless you see the opportunistic lender in this scenario as evil???  James R. Hagerty from unveils this: Product Taps Home Equity Without Taking Out Loan

And that’s about all I’ve got for today.  Think about me tomorrow when I’m running and biking for 4 hours!  Fun stuff.

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