Happy Holidays

TrueGotham will be taking it easy for a few days over the holidays. In the meantime, we’ll leave you with some deep (and noticeably British, like my copy of the the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations they all came from) thoughts about real estate:

"Well! Some people talk of morality, and some of religion, but give me a little snug property."
–Maria Edgeworth from The Absentee

"Property has its duties as well as its rights."
–Thomas Drummond, from a letter to the Earl of Donoughmore

"Private property is a necessary institution, at least in a fallen world; men work more and dispute less when goods are private than when they are common."
–R.H. Tawney from Religion and the Rise of Capitalism

"I have heard of a man who had a mind to sell his house, and therefore carried a piece of brick in his pocket, which he showed as a pattern to encourage purchasers."
–Jonathan Swift from The Drapier’s Letters

"A house is not a home."
–Polly Adler, book title

"But a house is much more to my mind than a tree,
And for groves, O! a good grove of chimneys for me."
–Charles Morris from Country and Town

"Let not the sound of shallow foppery enter
My sober house."
–William Shakespeare from The Merchant of Venice

"Go anywhere in England where there are natural, wholesome, contented, and really nice English people; and what do you always find? The stables are the real centre of the household."
–George Bernard Shaw from Heartbreak House

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