Heddings Property Group Entering A Challenging Hamptons Market

We’re opening an office in Southampton (via Curbed) October 1 and very excited about the prospect of working with all of our clients who have homes in both Manhattan and the Hamptons.   We are also not naive and realize that we are entering a very different market where cooperation among firms and sharing of listings data is actually being investigated  by the Department of justice.

That said, as is our consumer-centric philosophy always, we will share our listings information with EVERYONE who has a real estate license.  We will also disseminate all of our information on all listing platforms available to us as well as sharing the property information via listings syndication on over 50 websites in over 30 languages on an international level.  Just as we do in Manhattan, we will put our clients first and ensure that our entire team’s interests are aligned with those of our sellers and buyers.

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